One Up, Inc. Promotes Brandon to Assistant Manager

The management of One Up, Inc. announced that Brandon Casillas was promoted to assistant manager in February. They discussed his new responsibilities and the company's overall advancement philosophy.

Needa, One Up, Inc.’s Director of Operations, noted that Brandon’s hard work and diligence in reaching goals positioned him for this promotion. According to Needa, Brandon took full advantage of the firm’s advancement model to move up to this next level. 

In his new role, Brandon will spend time mirroring One Up, Inc.’s management team and their daily routines. He will be involved in inside office procedures that drive this customer acquisition business, including strategy, relationships with national partners, interview techniques and standards, plus team development.

As Needa explained, this is just one step of many that Brandon will take in his career with One Up, Inc. She anticipates that he will continue his professional development path and take on new responsibilities after he masters his role as assistant manager. 

One Up, Inc.’s Director of Operations on the Firm’s Promotion Philosophy

Needa shared that promotions from within are among the many attractive features that professionals find when they work for One Up, Inc. She noted that the firm’s recruitment and hiring processes are geared toward finding people who are most likely to make a career with the company, which is why they are able to give individuals like Brandon chances to go further.

Candidate selection is a strong predictor of who will thrive within One Up, Inc. As Needa described, the many qualities sought by the hiring team are personality, goal-oriented, willingness to always learn, and team-player.

Once someone is hired, from day one, his or her career ambitions becomes a focal point of the training. A one-on-one coaching model allows seasoned managers to work alongside new associates to provide critical guidance, feedback, and support through hands-on learning experiences. According to Needa, each person who joins the team receives an immersive education on how to create and execute outreach for leading telecom companies.

The learning never stops here, as Needa advised that those who reach key milestones in the initial training phase continue their knowledge transfer through cross-training at other successful offices and conferences where they’re exposed to the bigger industry picture.

From there, the sky is the limit. Most individuals who move through the various levels eventually branch out to run their own offices. Needa expects that someday, Brandon will take an even bigger role with the company and will have the pleasure of announcing that one of his team members is promoted as well.

About One Up, Inc.: 
One Up, Inc. is a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions for national telecom firms. The team builds outreach strategies for the government-funded Lifeline Assistance program that offers underserved communities affordable access to wireless technology. They understand the importance of staying connected to the world and use their passion for helping others to distribute free cell phones and monthly minutes in strategic markets. Each customer interaction uses personalized messages and adds value that inspires people to act. Their motivation drives results and ensures their national partners achieve success. Learn more about their agile model and how they create impact. Visit

Source: One Up, Inc.